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BCS•Autobox Doubles Machine Output

BCS•Autobox Doubles Machine Output

The Autobox MultiCut offers unrivalled running speeds and minimum setting times

BCS•Autobox the Leighton Buzzard, UK manufacturer of Quick Set Box Making machines have added the option to produce box blanks, multi out across the deckle in addition to multi out in length/machine direction to it's Autobox MultiCut machine.

This effectively doubles the existing output of the machine up to 2,000 boxes per hour taking running speeds close to many existing Printer Slotters. When set in multi out mode, machine setting is fully automatic, typically in 1 minute. Overall production with the substantial reduction in setting times is considerably increased when compared to manually set machines. In many instances, the Autobox MultiCut system can produce a short to medium run before a manual set machine is ready to run!

The Autobox MultiCut can handle a maximum blank width of 2.6m x unlimited length making it suitable for producing RSC's, Wrap's, and Trays. Big boxes that currently run as 2 pieces can be run single piece, greatly reducing finishing and handling time.

With the addition of new Auto Feeder and Stacker as well as single and two colour flexo print, the Autobox MultiCut offers unrivalled running speeds and minimum setting times.

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